Artificial Intelligence Data Enhancement & Augmentation
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AI & Data science

Powered by AI, AIDEA turns data into knowledge, helping clients to make informed data-driven decisions. AIDEA uses scientific methods and algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured data, as well as audio, video, text, and sensor data. By using AI we help companies to increase revenue & customer satisfaction, and at the same time decrease costs.

Research & Development

AIDEA is founded by a team with extensive international academic and research experience, with more than 11 years of active R&D in the fields of applied AI and Machine learning, Wearable sensors analytics, Mobile healthcare, Affective computing, Behavior Analytics, Sports Analytics, Natural language processing. We develop and implement state of the art algorithms and models, as well as our own custom-made algorithms, tailored to the user’s needs.

Beyond Data Science

AIDEA’s algorithms can also bring added values for companies which produce wearable wellbeing, sport and fitness devices; companies which offer solutions for remote patient monitoring, on-site healthcare monitoring, and home/office environment monitoring; and, companies in the automotive industry, by enabling solutions that will detect, measure, and analyze human affective states (e.g., driving attention, stress, sleepiness, etc.). 

Application Domains

  • Wearable Computing – transforming wearable sensor data into knowledge and insights about user behavior and health
  • Emotional Artificial Intelligence – recognizing emotional state of the users using state of the art Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Affective Computing – recognizing the affective state of the users, i.e., arousal level and valence
  • Activity Recognition – automatic recognition of the activities of the user and monitoring the behavior and health
  • Facial Expression Recognition – recognizing the facial expressions of the user with wearable sensors, such as smart glasses, smartwatch, smartphone.